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Vetreska Cherry Cat Scratcher

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Give your cats a sweet reason to stop tearing up your furniture. Vetreska Cherry Cat Scratcher is made of sturdy, corrugated cardboard – exactly what your cat wants to get its claws on. Its explorable, two-piece design gives your cat a private nook to call its own, and the bright cherry styling is a pop-art accent fit for any room in the house.

At a glance:

Delectable cherry design
Durable corrugated cardboard construction
Great place for your cat to hide
Easy to assemble but built to last


PACKAGE INCLUDES:1 x Blossom Cherry Cat Scratcher
MATERIALS: Corrugated Board
COLORS: Red, Green, & Brown
SIZE: 21.3" x 22.6" x 10.6"(L*H*W)
NET WEIGHT: 4.2 lbs